Our Vision

Our vision is to clean plastic waste from the globe.

We aim to work towards reducing the piled-up plastic waste from landfills and eventually eliminating all landfills.

Protecting the ozone layer and restoring its health back to what it was 30 years ago.

We aim to create a circular economy by helping all the firms and businesses globally with the issuance of plastic credits which'll help them attain plastic neutrality , allowing them to enjoy a reputable brand image worldwide .

For this , we have acquired a special permission from the Government of India which allows us to recycle global plastic waste after importing it .

Till date we have recycled plastic waste from Allover of Europe , North America , Middle East & Asia

Our Mission

We work tirelessly and have a capacity to recycle over 70,000 metric tonnes of plastic waste in a year. This has a two - fold purpose .

1. It heals the ozone layer since 1kg of virgin plastic manufacturing emits 6kg of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere ; by recycling and generating recycled plastic granules . We are supplying top quality granules so that the companies can manufacture top grade plastic products from our recycled plastic granules and have no need to purchase virgin plastic .

2. It helps us to serve more brands for the perspective of plastic credits and help them achieve plastic neutrality.

3. In order to reduce and eliminate the piled - up plastic waste from the landf We have already tied up with ULBS of multiple states in India such as Delhi, Rajasthan, Haryana, UP and many more and have tied up with Co-Processors wherein we are working closely with them and ensuring end - of - life conversion of waste to energy of the MLP plastic waste .

4. We have also been successfully audited by a renowned audit firm and have started working with NPOs to make sure that our vision and mission to eliminate plastic waste from the globe and to ensure circular economy are achieved .